The “Back to School, Back to Work Time” Edition

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The Monthly Newsletter from Don Sardella Business Coach for Financial Advisors September 2016 Issue 

To all our highly valued clients and acquaintances:

Don Sardella here, Business Development Coach for Financial Advisors and beyond

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The “Back to School, Back to Work Time” Edition

As a matter of practice, here is some of the best advice that I have received, going back 25 years.

A lot of this probably sounds like “common sense’ – I suggest we consider how common is our “common sense”?  How much of this is our “common practice”? Are our behaviors, habits and practices a match for “common sense”? What difference/value would it make if it were more so?

For me, as I recently did “a check up from the neck up”, I thought I’d run these 24 ideas by you.

  1. Prepare for the long run – time, energy and money.
  2. Become unstoppable – think that now is just the top of the 1st inning.
  3. Be very patient, cautious about money – one foot in front of the other – step by step.
  4. Be careful about spreading myself too thin.
  5. Be bold to make progress – do not doubt ourselves.
  6. Plan your work and work your plan – steady, hard work – persevere.
  7. Receive the guidance and follow through.
  8. Greater works ahead and each step is not to be skipped.
  9. Build trust, bridges – hold much more power in your hands than you realize.
  10. Listen much; speak little; work together.
  11. Be careful in terms of balancing – or else.
  12. Calm down and be more creative – trust your intuition.
  13. Rapport building is very important.
  14. Be flexible with 3-5 year plans – awaken to greater inspiration.
  15. Do not take more onto your shoulders than you can take – delegate responsibility.
  16. Always allow for the possibility of change.
  17. Learn to work diplomatically, positively – do what you have to do – don’t talk, use wisdom.
  18. Work quietly, prepare for future, w/ positive, cooperative attitude – need to have compassion.
  19. Transform fear, insecurity into trust and faith – prove to myself of what I am made.
  20. Writing inspiration down – trust the insights – just need training. Learn from suffering
  21. Work smarter to accomplish the same things.
  22. Learn to fish – it is you who must learn to work with you.
  23. Best to live positively, under all circumstances.
  24. Walk the model road by which to reverse problems.

My suggestion, if any of these rang a bell for you, is to pick 2-3 to focus on for the rest of 2016.

One of my best mentors, Alan Weiss, when recently asked what he coaches executives about, commented (paraphrased), “most of the time, people benefit from affirmation and validation”

We invite you to pass this newsletter on to anyone for whom you think it would of value/interest.

Until the next time we actually speak or connect, I look forward to “seeing you around campus.”



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