Special Initiatives

– NextGen Leadership Development 


(periodic seminars, workshops, mentoring and coaching, in partnership with youth organizations, to further cultivate and develop the next generation of leaders. 


Initial areas of focus include:


·         Fundamental principles and practices for sustainable healthy self-reliance (response-able independence)

·         Designing relevant educational and career growth paths

·         Setting yourself up to lasting, long-term relationships, in all areas of your life

·         Learning to optimize your creative ingenuity in synergistic collaboration with others – effective interdependence 


– our give back track 


Being wealthy enough (time, money & talent-wise), to take philanthropy seriously and to help others do the same or better


– find and live your voice 


Do what you love – until then, love what you do. Helping people find what they most love to do, doing it with people they most love to do it with, as they serve the marketplace in economically viable, win-win ways. A life to live and to love.


– community building


A family of individuals and families, creating and expanding community. Equipped and empowered to be highly effective.