Organizational consulting

“what we do for you as an organizational consultant”
by Don Sardella

Our programs are designed to transform the culture, practices and communication within an organization so that you, the client, company, group or division is left with a significantly increased capacity to produce extraordinary results. There is a specific technology that we employ in designing and tailoring the way we work with each organization.

The basic, underlying principles of that technology are:

  • Organizational cultures shape the reality within which people work;
  • The perceptions people have about their workplace very much determine their commitment in the workplace;
  • You cannot buy commitment or scare people into being committed;
  • The most potent way to maximize performance is to create a cultural climate in which people want to be committed, and then provide them the training, skills and resources to get the job done;
  • If you wish to change the culture of an organization, you must first deal with the way people interact within that organization and build a level of communication that is very distinct from what one calls normal or ordinary communication;
  • There needs to be clearly defined objectives and strategies that are meaningful and relevant – not just something that is written down and filed away;
  • Speaking and listening are the keys to action; and
  • Have people take on projects that require creating a breakthrough to accomplish.

Our Approach

Our approach to organizational transformation consists of several stages, each custom designed to best serve our clients very specific needs and challenges.

They include:

  • A complete and thorough needs analysis;
  • A series of sessions designed to create or powerfully redefine relevant missions, objectives, strategies and actions;
  • Follow-up individual coaching, designed to empower strengths and resolve weaknesses;
  • Team building sessions and leadership workshops; and
  • Specific projects focused on producing measurable results that positively impact the bottom line.