“what we do for you as a business coach” 
by Don Sardella

Are you achieving all you want to achieve, personally and professionally??

Are you currently working on a business, project, situation or goal

that could benefit measurably from a boost of expert counsel and support??

Coaching continues to emerge as a recognized, leading-edge tool that increasing numbers of successful people employ to be and perform their best. As a seasoned coach, I typically conduct weekly sessions to provide vibrant support, structure, accountability and focus to help my clients achieve what is most important and fulfilling for them. The roles of the coach may include Consultant, Cheerleader, Collaborator and Creative Partner.

As Your Coach, I Will:

  • Encourage you to identify and clearly set compelling goals that you most want to accomplish..
  • Work to inspire you to greater heights and ask you to do much more than you may have done on your own.
  • Keep you focused on executing around your most important values and priorities, in order to produce your desired results more quickly.
  • Provide you with all the necessary tools, support and structure required to systematically and consistently achieve the progress you want.

I have worked to establish a reputation built on win-win agreements, exceptional service and a measurable increase in results. Our professional practice includes a long-standing phone coaching, which meets with clients by phone, 2-3 times/month, and focuses on steady, long-term, mutually beneficial service relationships.

From nearly 30 years of consulting and coaching, I have focused the last 20+ years on work with hundreds and hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in the Financial Services Industry. These include clients from such nationally recognized firms as Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and UBS.

I am continuously expanding both my network/skills through active involvement and certifications from the professional organizations of Coach U, International Coaching Federation and Society for Advancement of Consulting LLC (3 of the world’s leaders) I am especially enthused about newly accessible resources and I now offer clients more results-oriented services for them than ever before.

We have help many business owners successfully strengthen these core practices.

8 Key Strategies for Your Business Practice Success

More Profit in Less Time

  1. Create a compelling and passionately engaging three year vision
  2. Make the time to plan and execute your highest priorities
  3. Effectively manage your personal and business finances
  4. Develop and lead a championship support team
  5. Have exceptionally delighted clients
  6. Set up a consistent and systematic marketing program
  7. Refine and hone your professional sales process
  8. Maintain great balance between work, rest, and play

If you feel ready to take yourself and your professional business practice to an indisputable next level and you see that we might serve as a cost-justified resource/investment to help you create that accelerated growth, let’s continue to talk and explore. In fact, I look forward to such an exploratory call, where I can better understand your professional achievements to date, as well as future goals for which you are seriously working. On that basis, we can then determine how to best proceed.